Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Thy name is Dresszilla

I actually HAVE been sewing. I needed a bit of a break after my tudor chemise problems (side note: I think I have surmised a good way to salvage the chemise). I had volunteered to help my neighbor make her daughter's wedding dress. I know: I'm certifiably insane.

I have to admit, I don't think I'm ever going to do a wedding dress again. It's complicated, high stress and expensive if something goes wrong, and you have to manage expectations. It's hard trying to convey to people that even though I can sew, I am not a trained seamstress or pattern drafter. I need a pattern to follow, and I want to stick to it. Instead, people always assume you can "just change the sleeves," or "do a different collar," or worse yet, "just whip something up."
Anyway, all that stuff aside, the dress IS coming together nicely. The girl I'm making it for is in town, we've done a few fittings, and everything seems to be fitting. The dress is pictured above. We did actually use a different pattern for the sleeves - a medieval bell cut. The underskirt is almost a navy blue (not my choice, but it's her wedding dress). The overskirt, instead of being transparent, is white dupioni.


Anonymous said...

hello ur dress looks like crap
u need help sewing

Inoui said...

Hmm...thanks. I'll let McCalls know what you think of their sewing since that's the picture from the pattern package.

Dave said...

Hello, your grammer looks like crap. You need the help of an English tutor.

Seriously, what was the point of this? You're either an idiot, eight, or maybe some combination of the two. Please do the world a favor, don't procreate.