Sunday, July 30, 2006

Jedi Robe II

You may or may not remember, but I have made a jedi cloak in the past. It was the same year attack of the clones came out, and the pattern companies still hadn't gotten their acts together in creating star wars costumes. As part of my Halloween business, I have received a commission to make a complete Jedi outfit. I had a snafu obtaining the silk I needed on eBay, and as a result I'm still waiting for the fabric to make the tunic. However, the cloak is done. It's Simplicity's new Star Wars pattern (#4450)based on several costumes from Revenge of the Sith (there's a Padme pattern that was cut from the movie...I don't understand why they marketed a dress that was not even included in the movie).
The cloak is made of flannel wool. The pattern was very easy, and went together quickly. I especially like the shoulder pleats. I tried to mimic this on the last cloak I made, but it was much more successful on this particular pair.

**A note on Fabric yardage - the pattern says you need 7 yards of 60 in. fabric. I got 8 yards of 45 in fabric. I had to refold the fabric the wide way, and managed to make this cloak out of less than 4 yds. Save yourself some money and order less fabric. I think Dave might get a cloak of his own this year....