Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Oscar Fashion Roundup

Oscar 2011 will be remembered as the red, white, and nude year. Here are the reds:

Let's start with my pick for this year's Best Dressed: Anne Hathaway! I LOVED the Valentino gown, and the fact that Valentino walked her down the red carpet. I was amused that Valentino kept stressing that the gown was "Valentino Archive," but when Tim Gunn asked him what an "Archive" gown is, Valentino couldn't really answer the question (I looked it's apparently a project his foundation is working on).

I actually saw Jennifer Hudson on one of the network's 'worst dressed' lists, and couldn't believe it. This was also one of my top picks. I felt she positively glowed in the beautiful color, and loved the draping. I do realized she's wearing more of an orange/tangerine, but I'm lumping it into the red category.

Sandra Bullock also joined the ranks of the power-red gowns in Vera Wang. I kinda like the gown from the front, but it has a big bow right on the butt. I just don't think butt-bows are a good idea. This picture doesn't show it, but her hair was a mess (it was in some sort of a ratty/lumpy updo that I didn't like).

Scarlett was wearing more of a burgandy than red, but I'm including her in this category. I really didn't care of the gown, but I know many will disagree. I read somewhere that the gown was lingerie inspired. Again...hated the hair. All messy.

I just don't like the gown Jennifer is wearing, but I understand that she's young so she might have wanted an understated or simple gown. Definitely fits with the red trend.

Penelope Cruz also showed up wearing red. I read some rave reviews of this gown. Personally, I don't think it's that flattering (though power to her for picking this gown one month after giving birth). And ALWAYS pick this shade of red (seriously...check out her gown last year). I know it's pretty on you, but could you surprise me once in a while?

This may or may not belong in the 'red' category. When I watched the red carpet show, the gown was definitely purple (and the commentators referred to it as purple). But then in the theater it definitely became burgundy, and the commentators referred to it as a raspberry color. Either way, it was very pretty and Natalie is glowing with her pregnancy.

And now we move to the white/nudes. Nicole Kidman is usually such a fashion icon on the red carpet, but this one was a miss for me. I love the fabric and the beading...I just don't like the draped detailing at the hip. I know Nicole doesn't have to worry about extra pounds, but I can't support any fashion trend that sets out to make hip hips/butt look bigger than they already are.

Cate Blanchett's gown was also a miss for me. I like the fabric and the tone-on-tone beading...I even like the interesting cut-away circle on her torso that reveals a layer of soft pleated silk. But then there are those weird draped shoulders and the canary yellow beading at the neckline.

Ok, Gwyneth was totally HOT in Calvin Klein! I already know my mom disagrees with me on this one. Seriously, though, how HIP does she look? The sequined gold gown with the rocking jewels at her hip. That plunging neckline is amazing. We should all be so lucky in our 40s.

And then she went and ruined it all by wearing this dowdy shapeless dress without a bra. Really didn't like this one.

Michele Williams is also wearing a nude gown that critics have raved about, but I just don't care for. There's nothing interesting going on here. It's also a little matronly on her.

I really didn't like Melissa Leo's mirror-crusted gown. The neckline has a little bit of appeal, but they you add those boxy shoulders and all those mirrors it's just a mess. Does she get seven years of bad luck for all those broken mirrors?

Mandy Moore looked very pretty in this sheer tulle gown.

And Halle Berry's gown was STUNNING! Another favorite of the evening. All that wispy tulle, and the tone makes her skin positively glow. LOVED this.

Hailee Steinfeld looks great in her nude-colored gown as well. The dress is sweet and very age appropriate while still having some very nice glam (look at all that embroidery over the tulle)

Colin Firth walked the red carpet with his wife Livia. Her gown initially only caught my eye because it was fitting in with the nude trend I was seeing. But I read up a bit more on it: turns out it's an eco-friendly gown. 11 gowns were cut up and recycled into this beautiful gown. I admit I was hoping that the gowns would be ugly 1980 frocks that no one would miss, but was a bit horrified to learn that they were apparently from the King's Speech era. I just hope the designer chose to recycle gowns that could not be salvaged.
I really don't care for this gown at all, and I know it's more yellow than nude, but I'm including it as a final nod to the white/nude trend.

Hillary Swank has shown up on lots of the worst dressed lists, but she's one of my favorites this year. I loved the way her gown moved on the red carpet. The ombre design and the feathers were fun. What's not to like?
This gown doesn't fit into any of this year's trends, but isn't it gorgeous? It takes the right kind of body to pull off a gown like that, but Camila Alves did (Mathew McConaughey's date)

Reese Witherspoon's dress was a bit understated for my taste, but the simplicity seemed to work for her. It was also made to fit her like a glove. Her hair and makeup also looked so pretty during a red carpet interview. The lady has class.

Marissa Tomei is wearing a vintage gown. I initially liked it when I saw it on the red carpet show, but the more I've looked at it, the more I've decided it was a miss. The neckline doesn't fit her very well. What do you guys think?

I did not like Mila Kunis' gown at all. The lavender is a nice color on her, but I just don't care for the neckline. The lace cupping her breasts looks a little trashy. The rest of the gown looks like it has lots of little windows.

Man I did not like Amy Adams' dress. And why is she wearing Emeralds with navy blue? Didn't work for me.
I don't know what Annette Bening was thinking with this gown. Maybe if it didn't have all those horizontal diamond stripes...

Ok...I can't pick on Helena Bonham Carter too much. She's too easy a mark, and I actually like that she's a free spirit and dresses the way she wants. Let's just say I liked the neckline, and that's about it. Apparently Coleen Atwood (the Alice in Wonderland Costume designer) helped to put together this ensemble. It was some sort of anti-red-carpet fashion statement

I LOVE that Hugh Jackman is married to a normal-looking woman. His wife is pretty, but she's not a six-foot model bombshell. That being said...I do not know what's going on with her dress. I think she might be carrying a wrap or coat, and maybe that's where all the feathers are coming from. But this this camera-angle, she's my top-pick for worst-dressed this year.

So as a finale to the Oscar Roundup, let's talk about Anne Hathaway's amazing ability to change gowns. I actually liked her last gown. It was edgy and made me feel reassured that Christopher Nolan had made the right selection for Catwoman in his upcoming Batman movie. The gown reminds me a bit of the costumes from Chronicles of Riddick.

Wow do I not like this Armani Prive gown. It just screams yucky synthetic fiber fabric.

Aha! Even Anne Hathaway did a red gown this year! This Atelier Versace is gorgeous. What's not to like?

I guess this dress was a lot of fun because of the tassels, but I'm not sure the Oscar de la Renta gown was my favorite. I think I might have liked it more without the tassels. The shape of the gown is stunning, and I love the one-shoulder look on Anne.

How can I resist a Vivienne Westwood gown? Need I say more?

Another one of my favorite gowns of the entire evening. Givenchy Haute Couture gown, stunning beading, and fits in with the white/nude trend. I love this gown. It's sophisticated. It sparkles. It has a bit of Greek Goddess going for it. The fitted bustier top is flattering on anyone. Definitely a hit with me!

I'll sign off a final note. Apparently Anne Hathaway wore millions of Tiffany & Co. jewelry throughout the show. She had jewelry to go with every outfit, and one necklace alone cost 10 million...94 carats worth of diamonds (small beans when you consider Nicole Kidman was wearing 150 carats last night). Her rep denies it, but Anne was reportedly paid $750,000 by Tiffany's to wear the jewelry. Where has this job been all my life, and where do I sign up?