Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Halloween Countdown

Well, I haven't been posting too much lately because there has been a surprising amount of productivity. I am almost done with my Halloween orders for 2006 - this year I've made 2 complete Jedi costumes, a knight, a cheetah, a belly dance, and a pea-in-the-pod is still in progress. If I get all that done, I have the stuff for a Padme costume so I can match Dave. THEN it's on to my marine ball dress - the fabric is en route.

Here are some final product pictures (I promise to chase down the kids on Halloween to get cute pictures of them IN the costumes):

The belly dancer costume - I'm still working on the hat/veil. She also has a coin scarf to go with it. The close up shows the jingle bells I sewed into the neckline so the costume makes a bit more noise. I also love the beads around the bra top.
The top and the harem pants. I stuck on some little gemstones in the yoke of the pants. The mesh fabric on the top was a real bear to work with.
The knight costume - complete with silver stretch helmet! The costume is duck cotton, felt, and gold gimp for decoration. I really like the fusible interfacing that irons right on (that's how the lion was attached).
Here's a close-up of the "boots" - they're quilted gold lame and fit over sneakers.
Here's the rather impressive cheetah costume - it comes with shoe covers, mittens, and a hat (along with the jumper). I didn't get a good shot of the tail...but there is one!Different angle that shows off the fake fur. I thought the fake fur was going to be really horrible to work with. Other than making a bit of a mess when cutting, it wasn't any harder/easier to work with. It did get bulky at some seams, but you could just cut off the fur to make the fabric thinner.