Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Aaah!! I have such a sewing bug...

...and yet I'm not sewing. Why, you ask? Well, half of my sewing stuff is put away in storage, and the other half is very badly arranged in my parents' basement. I had everything I needed to start my new civil war gown...and then I went to take my measurements in my corset and the darned thing didn't fit. Pardon the pun...but I was a bit squeezed into the corset. I don't have what's necessary to make a new corset, so that era is out for now.

Now I'm sitting here thinking about the Renaissance festival and an upcoming Jane Austen tea. I have everything I need to make my fabulous Tudor gown, and everything I need to make a Jane Austen Spencer to really spice up my Regency outfit. But all of that stuff is in the back of a storage unit. I am one very frustrated costume diva.