Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My Pattern Has Arrived!!

...Just in time to get packed up with the move! Too bad, huh? Well, the good news is that I got to pack up the pattern in my air freight which will hopefull get to Poland in less than three weeks. The bad news is that my undergarments, required to fit the outfit, are going slow freight, so the best you can expect to see here will be a cotton muslin in the next few months.

However, never one to be dissuaded by a move, and propelled forward by some odd sewing obsession, I WAS able to pack up a modern suit pattern wtih fabric into my air freight. Despite the fact that it isn't a costume, I think I'll put my progress on this site. Here's the pattern that will be made up in a gorgeous raw silk suiting in a dusty cream/rose weave. I got the fabric last weekend during the President's Day sale at G-street fabrics. I got everything for the outfit (lining, ribbon, fabric, zippers, etc) for $115!! I'm making view B of the pattern (the purple one) without the fringe.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Grr!!! Pattern Aggravation!!!, I have not completely dropped off the face of the earth! I would LOVE to be sewing, but the stupid pattern has STILL not arrived from Harriets. I sent an email to them, which bounced right back with fatal errors, so now I've left them a phone message. It's not as if Harriet's is a completely unknown website...I would have expected much better than this. It doesn't take a month to ship a pattern, especially after paying with Pay Pal.

I have a feeling that my move is going to begin before I'm actually able to get started on this project. I would have liked to at least had it cut out...but oh well. If you want to check on how my move is going, check out my brand new blog: My husband and I will be putting up pictures so everyone can feel a bit more in touch with us once we're in Poland.

Be patient over the next couple of months: I promise I'll be sewing again as soon as fabric, patterns, and sewing machine show up in Poland!