Sunday, October 24, 2010

Williamsburg's Milliner Shop

I LOVE the Milliner shop in Williamsburg. I've been very lucky to have met most of the ladies from the Milliner shop at various workshops I've attended. If you're on the east coast, check out Burnley and Trowbridge's website to see their fall and spring workshops. They work with both the Tailor and the Milliners of Williamsburg.

Last weekend I spent some time in the Milliner shop. (Disclaimer: all photos below are from the Milliner shop's Facebook page...I apparently was enjoying myself too much to take any photos).
I found out that there is an AMAZING symposium coming up on colonial accessories. I'm dying to go, but the cost has prevented me from rushing to the website to sign up. The conference alone is $300...without any of the fun tours and workshops that I would definitely want to add on. I would also have to take three days off from work...and I'm trying to save my vacation days to go see my nephew in Vegas. That being said, there are talks featuring Linda Baumgarten (curator of costumes at Colonial Williamsburg) and Susan North (the curator of fashion at the Victoria and Albert Museum). There are lots of other amazing talks! I may still talk myself into this event...

There will be a new exhibit at the Williamsburg museum on 18th century accessories opening in January. The Milliner shop worked on recreating some amazing gowns and then produced a film featuring the gowns and accessories for the exhibit. When Dave and I went in to Williamsburg in September, we watched the ladies work on the yellow silk jacket and black Calesh hood from this image (they even had the image on display at their work table):The Milliner's facebook just posted pictures from the film production. Isn't this reproduction amazing?