Monday, July 04, 2005

Satin Victorian Corset

While I wait to find out how to trim my Robe Francaise without the pinking raveling, I decided to start another project I had purchased supplies for. I always loved my victorian corset. You can see a great picture of it in my archives. But when I heard that Simplicity had come out with a more advanced corset pattern, I knew right away I had to give it a try. Unlike my practical white cotton coutil corset, this one will be made out of peach satin coutil.

One reason I really like this pattern is that it includes bust and hip gussets, and creates a more 'hour-glass' shape when it's finished. Here you can see I've hand sewn in the gussets. Since the gusset sizes are determined by your bra cup size, I think the finished corset will also fit better.

I started the corset yesterday and really got into a sewing mood. Today, I was able to finish sewing in the lining...

...and set in the eyelets and busk. The eyelets took a long time, about four hours (the only reason I know is I sat through two movies to finish them). My hands are pretty blistered after working with the grommet setter. None of the boning channels have been sewn in yet, but the garmet itself is pretty much assembled.

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