Thursday, September 22, 2005

Fairy Wings

The little flower fairy dress is now 100% complete. Here are the wings, made out of wrapping paper. They sort of stuck out at a nicer angle when they showed them on the pattern envelope, but since I didn't want to string wire through them (3 year old child running around with protruding wires just didn't seem to be a wise idea) this will have to do.

I promise to get pictures of the adorable fairy herself, but I'm waiting to deliver the costume until we're closer to Halloween. Reason #1 is if I were a 3 year old girl, I would put this on and never want to take it off until NEXT Halloween. Reason #2 is I don't want it to get out around the office that I'm sewing Halloween costumes. While I would be willing to hire out, I don't think most people would want to actually pay my fee (whatever that would be) on top of an already healthy-sized fabric/pattern bill.

Anyway, I don't think my next project will be the Tudor dress. As much as I would like it to be, I am, alas, without a fabric budget this month. Since my mother managed to snag a new civil war pattern (top left) for me during JoAnn's 99 cent Simplicity pattern sale, I think I'll try to pick up the civil war day dress project again. The fabric is ready to go, and all I would need is to find some cotton muslin/lining material wich is very inexpensive.


Lauren said...

I wouldn't want to take that off till next halloween either!

Dave said...

Lissa, be sure to warn her parents not to look directly at her while she's wearing the costume.

If they do want to look at her they need to make themselves special little shadow boxes for viewing her on Halloween night.

Inoui said...

Dave: smart aleck!
Lauren: you want one in the same size?? :)

Lauren said...

Yeah I'll take one in the same size. I'm sure my otter could fit into it.

Dave said...

You have an otter!? I've always wanted one of those, but Melissa won't even let me have a dog so I thought an otter might be a bit of a stretch.

jiri said...

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I have a halloween sites. They pretty much covers costumes and masks related stuff.

Thanks again and I'll be sure to bookmark you.