Monday, September 18, 2006

Baby Blue Bonnet

If you have been following along on my other blog, you will know that I purchased a bonnet while I was home in the US. We made a special trip up to Gettysburg for the sole purpose of buying a bonnet. The first stop was a disappointment: it's reputed to be the best shop in town, but the owner looked down her nose at me and said I should only try on bonnets if I was 'serious about buying.' We drove 75 miles to look at bonnets, but apparently that wasn't 'serious' enough. After putting up with her evil eye every time I tried a bonnet on, we left empty handed.

I was about to give up when we came accross a brand new clothing store! The store only had two bonnets, but they were cheaper than the first stop, made of silk, and great little hand-sewn details. I fell in love with the blue spoon bonnet, and here it is:

I see a matching dress in the distant future (distant, because the Jane Austin dress is first).


Anna said...

That's a great hat, I love the blue (it reminds me of a cowboy song, "Blue Bonnet Lady" my dad used to sing ... strike that ... sings on car trips)! Can you change out the flowers if you want, or are they sort of permenantly adhered??

Also, randomly, your hair is really cute. I need a haircut, and I wish I could go to Jean Louis David (but a roundtrip to Warsaw is a bit overbudget ;) )

Inoui said...

The flowers are permanenet, but I kinda like them, so hopefully it won't ever come up. :)

Would you believe that a group of women at work are paying a hairstylist to come out to Poland for a cut/color weekend???! It's a small group of people contributing $20-30 each so this guy can come out. I'm invited...but I'm really happy with what I get on the local economy...

Anna said...

I got a great, fabulously cheap haircut ... seriously, have these people been to the mall?!?!