Monday, February 12, 2007

Regency Corset

Wohoo! I'm actually sewing again. I'm making up my Regency Corset (the pattern to the right). I did a careful fitting with the Swedish Interfacing, but I must admit I'm concerned about the fit. Corsets are rather difficult to fit since you have to squeeze the back together very tightly to see how well it's going to fit. My Swedish interfacing would rip if I squeezed it like I measured and measured again. All that's left is to cross your fingers. Here's the made up lining in cotton coutil:
Many people make bodiced petticoats to get the regency look, but that isn't an option with my figure. Instead, I need to make the full Regency corset, complete with gussets, boning, and a busk up the middle. I'm using the Mantua Maker pattern which according to everything I've read on line is supposed to be the best. I'm using cotton coutil for the lining and the outer layer is satin coutil. The bones are all steel (not period, but I'm not interested in using cord or reed, and plastic boning won't hold it's form so it seems like the best alternative).
Here is another photo of the lining to give you an idea of the corset's shape. Katherine, another historical seamstress, has also sewn a corset from this same pattern, so you can see her version here for an idea of the finished product.


Sandy (Anna's friend) said...

Don't you love the Uniquely you dummy? I just got one for my birthday, but I've coveted them for years. We named mine "Mistress Squishypants". I've got the same problem with fitting (my husband just doesn't get the process), but I've determine that with a corset it'll be good enough for costuming and I can put off all the fitting until I want to do something that's probably indefinitely.

And I'm totally jealous of all your beautiful new sari fabric!

Inoui said...

Hi Sandy!

I can't wait to get my Uniquely you dummy fitted. I already told my mom I'm bringing the cover home with me this summer.

Ebay is also a great source for saris if you're dying to own one (and I have to say, some of the prices aren't that far off from what I paid in India).