Sunday, November 07, 2004

Projects Moving Forward!

Hey All,

Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I am still working on my c0stumes. I'm currently hand sewing on bias tape to the bertha for the Civil War ball gown, making fabric choices with Lauren for her Jedi Robe, and helping Anna with her fabulous bustle gown! If you haven't, you should all go see how her dress is progressing at her evil laboratory. We made all kinds of progress this weekend by fitting her in a muslin of the bodice and cutting out the entire dress (and of course, we went to the fabric store!!! muhuhuwaaaah!!). I had some pictures from cutting out the silk, but I didn't want to steal her thunder, so go look at her website for pictures!

One minor nuisance: I decided to take advantage of G Street Fabrics' 50% off pattern sale to buy the jedi robe pattern...and grr...they were sold out. What's the deal? A week after halloween and suddenly the costume patterns are gone??


Valentine said...

Grr indeed!

Valentine said...

Guess who just got fabric samples?

Inoui said...

ooooo!! ooo!!!

Valentine said...

Ordered another 8 fabric swatches: four of wool (all camel hair, which, incidentally, comes from the noble camel) and four of silk (which, incidentally, comes from the noble silkworm).
Within the week we should know what we're going to use!

Anonymous said...

Well, as long as the fabric is all from noble creatures or plants, it's all good!!! Eik! I can't wait!!!

Poor Lauren - you've probably dropped way more then the normal customer on swatches. :) Ah well. At least this way we'll know it's perfect!