Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Next Project: Jedi Knight Robes!

Yay!!! Upcoming project!!! My friend Lauren and her boyfriend Jeff have asked if I can make them reproduction Jedi Knight oufits from the new Star Wars movies. Since there's nothing I love more then sewing on someone else's budget, I of course said yes. :)

We'll start off by making the robe (or cloak) since it's the most expensive part of the costume. The Jedi Padawan website has a lot of great information on how to make Jedi costumes. I've already done a lot of research, and have decided to go with the Simplicity pattern pictured above. I'm be making view A (it's the one that's shown in the bright blue) but I'll alter the sleeves to make them more full, and change the hood from a point to a rounder shape with no seam down the middle.

Lauren and I have already begun to scour the online fabric stores and are considering different types of wool that might do well for this project. So far, this fabric is the leading contender. I'm failry sure the rest of the outfit will wind up being out of a nice linen of some sort unless I can find some really cheap homespun.


Valentine said...

Totally sweet. I'm going to order some fabric swatches today, and when I'm done with them I'll ship them out to you so you can take a gander before we make our final choice. Should I pick up some linens too?

Inoui said...

Hey: Sure, no reason not too. I would recoment an oatmeal or light brown medium weight linin for the outer tunic, and very light white/off white handkerchief weight for the inner tunic. :) Can't wait to see what you guys choose!

I'll try and make it to the fabric store this weekend to see if they have anything fabulous that we'd be missing out on. Geez - have you heard of that Marshal that shot and killed a sailor here in DC? Don't know if it's on national news, but it happened right in front of my fabric store!!! Creepy.

Valentine said...

Didn't hear about the shooting, that is creepy! :(
I just ordered some 11 swatches (lots of linen).