Sunday, December 19, 2004

Completed Jedi Robe

Thanks to my husband for posing!

The Jedi Cloak is all finished, and ready to ship out. I finished the last of the seams today, and hemmed it up. I finally decided to go ahead and add a pleat to the shoulder area. I think the end result really looks nice, and the large spacious hood is exactly what I would expect to find in the Star Wars costume room. At a futur date, my friend might look into the matching tunics to make a complete Jedi costume (out of silk noil!), but for now, this wraps up my jaunt into Star Wars sewing.

I'm going to wait until after Christmas (to see if I have any new patterns or fabric funds) before deciding what my next project should be.


Anna said...

Amazing!! The robe looks absolutely authentic! Hmmm ... now I think that you should move on to elaborate Amidala outfits for all of your friends ... hint hint.

Inoui said...

The yellow "Maryland" T-shirt really pulls the whole look together for my husband, don't you think? :)

Oh my gosh...if ANYONE out there wants Amidala have only to say the word (well...and send Fabric...). I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to give one of them a try. So much color, and interesting fabrics. Plus, the shape of the dresses look really interesting.

Jedi Costume said...
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