Saturday, December 11, 2004

Jedi Robe: Change the Sleeves, or not???

Sleeve with a nice tuck/pleatPosted by Hello

The unaltered sleeves

The final decision that I need to make on the cloak is whether or not I would like to alter the sleeves. The top picture shows the nice drape that results from a small pleat make right at the shoulder of the garment. The bottom picture is the sleeves as they look right now. I need advise. Which do you guys think looks better??? Again, if you need to see the real cloak, click here.

After this, I just need to finish a few more seams that are still raw, and hem the bottom to the correct legnth. That should be interesting since this is a gift, and that certain someone doesn't live in the area. A lot of careful measuring will be called for. Posted by Hello


Valentine said...

Eik! This looks amazing! A little pleat in the sleeve would be good, I think.

Anna said...

I'm going with V on that one ... the pleat makes it look so nice and tailored. Of course, this means more work, but you are a slave to perfection Inni, sorry :)
I'm so impressed by everything that you've gotten completed on this project!! I LOVE the fabric, I hope that it is as good to work with as it is to look at!

Valentine said...

I'm excited about the fabric,'s camel hair suiting, and is very plush. I'd say soft except that it's itchy! It looks like it drapes really well!