Sunday, February 06, 2005

Grr!!! Pattern Aggravation!!!, I have not completely dropped off the face of the earth! I would LOVE to be sewing, but the stupid pattern has STILL not arrived from Harriets. I sent an email to them, which bounced right back with fatal errors, so now I've left them a phone message. It's not as if Harriet's is a completely unknown website...I would have expected much better than this. It doesn't take a month to ship a pattern, especially after paying with Pay Pal.

I have a feeling that my move is going to begin before I'm actually able to get started on this project. I would have liked to at least had it cut out...but oh well. If you want to check on how my move is going, check out my brand new blog: My husband and I will be putting up pictures so everyone can feel a bit more in touch with us once we're in Poland.

Be patient over the next couple of months: I promise I'll be sewing again as soon as fabric, patterns, and sewing machine show up in Poland!

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