Saturday, June 18, 2005

Completed Lining

Here's the finished lining. Inbetween my last post, I became paranoid about the changes I'd made to the neckline of the muslin, so I went ahead and made up a muslin Robe and sewed it to the muslin of the lining to make sure it fit. Surprising, everything went together just fine, so I went ahead and started making the final product.

The first thing I did was take apart the muslin of the lining, and then re-stiched everything together. When I'd been working on the muslin, I'd been using green thread, and hadn't been backstitching. I also attached the boning and ties to the back of the lining that will permit me to adjust the size of the dress (this is a really neat feature that allowed women to easily let their dresses out when they got pregnant). Other then needing a second person to help me adjust the ties in the back, everything is fitting nicely, so I added the eyelets to the front, and I'm now moving on to the Robe.

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Anna said...

I can't belive you went to all the trouble of making an entire muslin of the dress, and then discovered that it works anyway. Although I suppose if you hadn't done this this, then the fabric gods would not have been pleased, and it wouldn't have worked. Hmmm, this might be good for two reasons: 1 we already cut the silk for the dress, and 2 you now have a lot of practice putting the bodice together. Wheee!!