Monday, August 25, 2008

Cute as a Button!

I have not lost momentum on my regency gown...I just needed to order the buttons. I didn't want to use the plastic buttons they sell at the fabric store, so I ordered bone china buttons online from a store in Gettysburg. The other options were bone, glass, metal or wood (I discounted mother of pearl because it wouldn't work with my dress), and I was fascinated at the idea of china buttons.Then, of course, I needed to practice buttonholes before going anywhere near my pretty dress. With all the outfits I've done, very few have actually ever required buttonholes. Eyelets, hook and eyes, lacing, drawstrings...these I'm a bit more familiar with. I used some scrap fabric and failed about eight times before I got one decent buttonhole. But I think I finally got the knack:
Note to self on buttonholes: don't forget to put the thread through the special button hole loop on the bobbin. Don't forget to use buttonhole foot or the buttonhole won't work. DO look up sewing machine manual on line to figure out how the five step buttonhole process is supposed to work (that was a BIG help!). Finally, don't slice open thumb while cutting open the holes. It's bad for the thumb, and bad for the silk.

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Vera Mescal said...

I really admire your expertise on the art of womens costumes. The clothing you make is really pretty and very authentic in appearance.