Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finished Tudor Hood

So it's taken three weeks of gathering beads/pearls, but I've finally completed the French hood. I found pearl necklaces at Nordstrom Rack for 3 times less than a bead store. I ordered lots of beads from Only about 1/4 of those worked for the project...the rest are going back. Finally, I've visited about 4 specialty bead stores, and finally found the pretty red crystals this weekend.
So above is my French hood, and below is Anne Boleyn in her French hood.
This shot shows that the hood isn't really sticking straight slopes back gently.And here's a side shot of the hood...Compared with an early portrait of Princess Elizabeth (later Elizabeth I).
I'm pretty pleased with the final version. Now I just have to get my hair to cooperate and tuck up into the hood. Copious amounts of gel will no doubt be required to tame my bangs into submission.

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