Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tudor Hood Progress

More progress! I would have finished the project this weekend, but I didn't have the beads I need for the billaments. Finding fake pearls, garnet colored beads, and gold colored beads has been impossible! I keep visiting bead stores, and all they carry is the real deal...where the gold beads are $2 a piece, pearls come on tiny $12 strands, and garnets come on $60 strands. I've tried the internet, but I have a hard time picturing the right size, and how they'll look next to each other.
My silk arrived from Thailand this week. I cut out the black silk pieces and basted it onto the buckram base. Then, I cut the same pieces out in white linen, and sewed the linen on the inside of the crescent and base. This secured the taffeta in place, and I could remove the large basting stitches. With the two pieces finally completed, I sewed the crescent to the base, and the photo above is the result.Next, I took a long strip of gold organza silk, ran gathering stitches, and then steamed the gathered silk to set the pleats. Then I sewed the strip in place. This part of the hood was referred to as the 'crepine.'Finally I sewed the veil to the hood. The veil is essentially a tube of black silk that's attached along the top edge of the crescent.

So what do you think so far?

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