Monday, May 30, 2011

18 Century Stays Progress

I'm working on a commission (also an 18th century pair of stays...I'll post photos when I'm done), so progress on my own half-boned stays has been slightly slower than normal. However, I got all the boning channels sewn in... ...added the boning (I'm using German Plastic boning), tacked down the inner seams... ...and assembled the lining. All that remains is to hand bind the eyelets raw edges (this is most time and labor intense part of 18th century stays for me).

Don't you love the lining I picked out?! Burnley & Trowbridge had a lovely gingham/checked blue linen. I couldn't stick with plain white both inside and out (boring!), and since plaid linings are period, I decided to go for it.

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American Duchess said...

looks great so far! love the check, too, cheeky linings are so fun :-)