Sunday, October 31, 2004

My Husband the Vampire

Haven't had much time to sew lately...Polish class has been taking up lots of my time. However, I did want to show a picture of our halloween costume. Dave dressed up in my black cloak and had a killer new set of vampire teeth. I think I want to go get a pair too...don't they look good? I went as his victim...but of course didn't get a good picture. We had a great time. Happy Halloween!!! Posted by Hello


Anna said...

It is the crazed expression that truely makes that photo wonderful ;)

Hmmmm ... I think elaborate Vicotrian costumes need to be constructed in order to MATCH the Vampire fangs ... mwahahahahahaha ... ahem.

Inoui said...

Good lord, woman!! Are you trying to feed my crazed obsession??? I can see it now..."does pinking, or scalloping go better with these fangs?? How about lace versus satin??"

Eip. Save me!!!

Valentine said...

Your husband is like the happiest looking vampire I've ever seen. You must be a good victim.