Sunday, August 26, 2012

Costume Yard Sale

Hey everyone!  Hubby and I relocated this year.  We finally have more square footage and a small back yard, but for some reason we still feel like we have less room than ever.  I think our 'stuff' decided to reproduce while we had it locked away in storage for the past two years.  It's time to sell off some old favorites to make way for the new.  Head over to my eBay  listings and check out see if there is anything that might interest you.  Check back next week...I think I might have some more costumes and corsets that I'm ready to part with.

Up for sale is a Museum Replica Arwen costume, a cut of silk suiting fabric, a set of civil war bloomers, Edwardian undergarments, and a few other Muggle items that might be of interest.


Christine Sousa said...

Conducting a yard sale is not only a good idea to remove some unused stuff inside the house, but also a good way of earning. I remember when I was working in a kostume kinder shop, we conducted a year-end sale and we earned a pretty good amount with the commission! Cool isn’t it? Congratulations on having your new place. Wish you and your hubby the best of luck!

Hous ton said...

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