Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Bias Tape Blues

Yard and Yards complete...
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Only a few more dozen to go.

Okay, you want to talk about a project that would drive you nuts?? Well, after very carefully marking out the satin on the bias so I could cut it and turn it into bias tape, I messed something up because the silly lines didn't match up at all! So instead, I grabbed the pattern 'guide' piece, and just kept using it over and over again to cut the bias tape without the markings. Took forever, but voila! Hopefully some 33 yards of bias tape.

Hard part done! Now all I have to do is Iron it all into the correct shape (the above picture is what it will look like when its done). I'm very happy with the way this is turning out, and I think the satin and taffeta (and even the color combo) might turn out much nicer then I had originally thought.

Until next time, I remain ever your seamstress, buried under mountains of Satin. There are worse ways to go!


Valentine said...

Which takes more patience, bias tape or case languages?

Anna said...

So .... THIS is why you don't return emails?? Well, I think it is much more plausible that this flimsy "I have class" excuse.

The tape turned out really well, the hours of annoyance have really paid off!

Valentine said...

Is it a coincidence that SATIN and SATAN are spelled SO SIMILARLY?
Just asking.