Monday, October 04, 2004

Ball Gown: Overskirt

It's been a while since my last post...'real' life has been getting in the way of sewing.

Here are the peices of the overskirt with the lace attached: the light shows the true color of the taffeta. The overskirt is taking a while because I had to hem part of the skirt peices, iron up the rest, and then attach the lace to the edges.

I've marked off the fabric for the bias tape, and my next project is sewing it together, and then cutting the tube into 33 yards of bias tape. It'll take forever, but there's nothing more I can do on the dress until that's done. In case I haven't mentioned this before, this dress is by far the most complicated and time consuming project I've ever undertaken. I would have thought that a fancy set of 18th century stays would have required more skill, but I'm am being proven wrong. Still, I love working with this gorgeous fabric, and the gown is going to be stunning when it's completed!!! (I also have a sneaky suspicion that it's going to take up more then its fair share of a room) Posted by Hello


Valentine said...

The gown looks like it's coming along well (despite being a lot of work). I showed your site to my college suitemate who was visiting with her friend--they were both amazed by your projects and think you should open a business!

Inoui said...

Thank you so much! I'm so happy to learn that someone is watching my progress online. Normally my progress is much faster: I threw together the Curacao jacket and skirt in about two weeks. This dress is just a bit more detailed them most.

Since I've only learned how to sew within the last year, I don't think I'll be looking to go professional any time soon (but I won't rule out the possibility in the future!). Of course if you or your friend have an interesting project in mind, I might be pursuaded. :)

Valentine said...

Lol. Then I'll work on coming up with a project.
By the way, silly, this is one of your bridesmaids, not a stranger. But I suppose my college suitemate and her friend could be considered such. So then you are still famous, after all! :)

Inoui said...

Darm...and here I was getting dilusions of Grandeur!! :) Thanks for checking the site out!!!