Monday, October 11, 2004

Bodice underway

Wow Sewing weekends are FUN!!

Before every one gets too impressed with the progress: I cheated here a bit. I actually started making the bodice months ago, and had it assembled for the most part (even the boning was already hand sewn in). What I did this weekend was hand stick on bias tape to finish the edges, and then I put on the sleeve caps.

The sleeves themselves are going to be poofy and made from silk organza. This is the first time I've worked with organza, and it's so fragile that I kept catching it in my sewing machine. Stumped, my mother came to the rescue and told me that I need to go get some tissue paper to place underneath and reinforce the organza while I sew. :) So, I'll need to hunt down some tissue paper that I can use (I suppose I could use pattern peices from sizes I'll never use).

Until next time, cheers!Posted by Hello


Valentine said...

Oh la la, can't wait to see the organza!

Anna said...

After the bodice is done, is it time to trim?? I simply adore trim :)