Thursday, October 07, 2004

Hours and Hours later...

Ta DA!!!

Hours of TV viewing later (with the ironing board set up in front of the sofa) I have yards and yards of luscious yellow satin bias tape. And yes, the cat really did HAVE to be in the picture. I'm telling you, the moment she claws at the satin, I'm gonna be one step closer to my Tudor gown with fur sleeves. (but seriously, she really IS cute, isn't she?).

Tomorrow I'm running to the fabric store to get yellow thread, and then I'll start sewing on the bias tape to the skirt pieces. Gotta love Friday's! Posted by Hello


Valentine said...

Kitty so pretty.
Congrats on getting done with the tape, it looked like hard work!
Looking forward to the next stage, and fur sleeves. /evillaugh

Anna said...

I'm feeling ... really impressed and slightly disturbed all at the same time ;)
I can't believe how quickly you finished this!! It looks fabu!