Sunday, September 26, 2004

Another yard bites the dust!

More progress! The ruffles are finally all sewn to the underskirt!

To give you an idea of how much fabric I was working with, I've attached a picture of me and the sewing machine, almost lost in a bundle of taffeta. Technically the next step was to make 33 yards of binding tape for the raw edges of the ruffles, but after the battle with the ruffles, I didn't have the heart to start it. I'm also not so sure I like the color I chose for the binding: I bought a yellow satin, thinking the green and yellow might complement each other. But...I'm using cream lace trim as well (cream and yellow...I'm not convinced it works). Instead, I decided to move on to preparing the overskirt and sewing the lace edging to the pattern pieces.

Also, my friend Willow came over this weekend and last weekend to work on her halloween project. I love having friends that I can talk into doing things with me!! We just finished her corset (is it wrong that I want to make one like hers?), bloomers, and a bustle pad. She looks great, and we're looking at fabric selections for her dress! Check out her outfit: we're using laughing moon's corset and undergarments patterns, and the new simplicity bustle dress pattern.

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