Sunday, September 19, 2004

Civil War Ballgown: In Progress

Civil War Ballgown Posted by Hello

After finishing my civil war undergarments, I did exactly what a novice costumer should not do and decided to make a ballgown (rather then a more practical day dress). I have since seen the folly of my actions...but I can still see why I wanted to make this dress. I purchased a green taffeta for this dress with cream accent fabric and lace. I'm still trying to figure out what to use instead of the roses - I find them to be a little over the top.

So far - I've cut out all the pattern peices for this dress, have assembled the basic bodice (complete with hand sewn eyelets), and have begun sewing the five rows of ruffles onto the under-skirt. Three rows (and miles of ruffles!!) later, I had to set this project aside and take a break from it. The contant snagging of my gathering stiches was driving me crazy - I think next time I'll use the string and zig-zag stich method to gather up such a large amount of fabric.

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