Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Future Project: 1870's Bustle Gown

A possible future bustle project

There's something just gorgeous about all the draping and heavy fabric that goes into a pretty bustle outfit. I've looked over a few different patterns (but haven't bought one yet!) that I might try someday, but so far, this is just something on the back burner.!

I already know exactly where I'm going to go for my patterns: the folks at Truly Victorian and the undisputed masters of the buslte! Check out the following page:

I definitely like the earlier busltle period - I find the later bustle dresses of the 1880's to be more severe. I especially like TV405 (the Vest Basque), the smaller buste pattern TV101, and either TV305 + TV201 underskirt and apron, or a trained skirt TV208. The fabulous folks over at farthingales have a great page devoted to comparing various bustle patterns. A great way to decide which bustle you want to make. Posted by Hello

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