Friday, September 17, 2004

Upcoming Project: Robe Francaise

Pattern by JP Ryan. Inspiration: Robe Francaise worn by Madame de Pompadour.

I've been just dying to start sewing this project. I have already completed JP Ryan's 18th century stays and pocket hoops, so I wouldn't need to make any new undergarments. If I could choose any fabric, I would want to make this gown out of silk taffeta, but since I'm working of a tighter budget, I've been looking at purchasing dupioni silk with as few slubs as possible. The best price I've seen for dupioni is $5 a yard on ebay...but if anyone knows of a cheaper way to get it, please let me know since I'm looking at buying 13 yards of fabric.

I've always liked the pale colors from this time period, so I think I would want to make either a blue and cream or a pink and cream gown. The petticoat and stomacher would be out of cream, and the gown itself out of the second color. I would use the gown's color as trim.Posted by Hello


mignonne said...

I found myself dubbed the official dyer long ago at the Folger T Group. I used rit dyes and achieved really subtle colors on the fabrics but always blue hands. How does that happen?
I once almost shorted out the electricity in one of the changing rooms in an historically massive dyespill. Pressing that ruching is hell without a machine. Where will the robe francaise reside ?

Inoui said...

Mignonne...did you ever dye silk? If so, how did that work out for you? Do you have any recommendations.

The trim on this one, especially if I decide to do all the ruching, is going to take forever, but I think the end result should be nice. I'm not planning on making an exact replica of Madame de Pomadour's dress...just a dress inspired by it. When it's finished, it will reside chez moi - at my home. I'm still a bit of a novice at historical costuming, so all of my projects are for made for me.