Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Future Project: Tudor gown

This is definitely far off in the future (too many patterns waiting in my closet to be made into dresses)...but I would love to make a Tudor gown someday. Supposedly this portrait is of Jane Gray, and her gown is typical of the later Tudor years. I think I would like a different collar, and would want to use these period patterns:


I would probably want either a brocade, velvet, or combination. Maybe I could even go to a flea market and buy an old fur coat so that I could have real fur sleeves - it would probably be cheaper then buying faux fur at the fabric store. I can't decide if I would want a Gabled Hood (boxy shape) or a French hood (rounded)...I guess it depends on if I want early or late Tudor (these hoods came in and out of style as often as King Henry's six wives) Posted by Hello

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Anna said...

Let the search for church rummage sales begin!! We will find mass quanitites of nice looking fur if it is the last thing we do, even if this project may not take off for a while :)

This is such a wonderful idea - and the picture is really inspirational ... quite a nice goal to be working towards at the beginning of a project!